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"Falling is easy, it's getting back up that becomes the problem."

I was already losing my hope in life. But this.. Why now? Why when I'm so low already?

When I was younger, I had so much anger. For what? I can't remember. Bullies I guess? I dunno.
I let go of it all. Through art, through love. Yet that is all I've desired deepest; all I dream of in this life. Being understood and something to devote myself to. Something I can fall back on when my strength gives out.

Compassion is the essence of my being. Or it was. But I always put myself into it - I give a part of me. I-
Humans.. Always wanting what we can never have.
Fuck it. Fuck this poetic shit. I'm dying. I've become what I always felt inside - the monster. Frankenstein.
I'm feared, rejected in any environment - for what? I do everything your fucking society expects of me. I've never done shit to anyone. You don't know me, but you don't want to try to? I tear open my ribcage for you, and you say I'm fucking too mysterious? WHAT?

give me a reason

What the fuck do you want me to be? -

I just need something to hold.. It's what I always need. Art and love. Being understood. Someone I can trust.. someone who won't fade. -

I am lost.

I could have been something to you. Any of you.

Love? :heart:

everything is gone.

Hold me :heart: please?

no one hears me scream.

I'm dead.


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Jack "Scarecrow"
United States

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we need to organize ourselves as a group, i mean it!
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'Eyyyyy. It's me, ya scrub. Just using a new, better account.

~Your little Ringtaile
Xeperpharos Featured By Owner Edited Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer… Speaking of Celtic Frost, their sound has changed quite a bit over the years. This is a bonus track added to the official album, or something weird like that. It's my favorite song of theirs

I might have posted this before but I'm not really sure.

*edit* Actually listen to this.… Probably one of the best songs I've ever heard, by any band. Such a beautiful subject and such a beautiful song. Sad in many ways, but beautiful.
Xeperpharos Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer… This band seems like a sequel to what Celtic Frost was doing on Monotheist, but luckily what they did on Monotheist was absolutely mindblowing. It's the same vocalist as Celtic Frost, but I don't currently know much more about the band. Aside from how honest they come across.
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happy birthday friend :iconevilclownplz:
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